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News Release

St. Petersburg

Children’s thematic park «Mastergrad» will be opened in St. Petersburg

«Masregrad» will be open in a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex PITERLAND.

Saint-Petersburg, the 7th of February 2012 GK «Espro», which announced last month the opening of children’s thematic park «Masterslavl» in Moscow, announced about plans to launch a similar project in St. Petersburg. Park with total area 5 400 sq m under the name «Masregrad» will be open in a multifunctional shopping and entertainment complex PITERLAND. Lease Agreement was signed for 10 years. Consultant of the deal was a company Jones Lang LaSalle. GK «Espro» plans to open the park in the end of the VI quarter of 2012 – the beginning of the I quarter of 2013, the budget of this project amounted around 10,5 million euro, the payback period – 7 years.

Let us recall that in January of this year, GK «Espro» announced plans to launch a children’s thematic park «Masterslavl», which opens in the end of 2012 in the multifunctional complex Evolution Tower in Moscow. Thus, the project in St. Petersburg will be the second in Russia.

As well as «Masterslavl», «Mastergrad» - is a unique city, created for children and opening them the world of the adult professions. In the City will be valid over 50 workshops, each of which, in playful form will introduce children with different specialties. As well as in adult life, children could work in the workshops and receive for their work «salary», payable in its own currency of the City. In «Mastergrad» operate its own court, own tax office, bank, social services, theater and scientific research laboratories, creative and production workshops, where children are communicate, perform common tasks, learning of the collective responsibility and interact in the society. It is important that everything that happens in the City, based on the initiative and mutual respect. Particular attention in the project is paid in teaching children the principles of charity, an inclusive leisure with the participation of the children with special physical development.

«When we first started to work on the Moscow project, we have considered the idea of opening similar parks in the other cities of Russia, but came to the conclusion that it’s will be more correct to launch the projects slowly, ending one – proceed to the next, - says Roman Klimov, Head of the «Mastergrad» project, representative of GK «Espro», - Nevertheless having familiarized with concept of the project PITERLAND, we decided to start building a children’s City here, without waiting for the launch of the Moscow project. We have rejected all doubts thanks to the uniqueness of the area, which allows to realize almost all of our ideas, starting from the architecture of the City and ending by not yet represented in Russia kinds of entertainment sports».

Vitaly Kozhin, CEO PITERLAND noted: «Mastergrad», in my opinion is actual educational and entertainment project for the children. This niche very long time was without special attention and currently there are no analogues in Russia.  For me, in any project, the social component is very important. Professional orientation and adaptation of children to the adulthood, which will be held on the «Mastergrad» territory in the game form, will become a great help to the parents in the upbringing, and for children – in their growth in life, Good project of the new format consider very relevant and timely for the native city». 

Stanislava Bilen, Senior Consultant Jones Lang LaSalle in St. Petersburg commented: In the recent years the tendency to the versatile formation of the children’s areas has increased. If previously the presence in TRK standard operators of children’s entertainment seemed to be sufficient, now getting more popular format in which to the young visitors are offered not only entertainment, but also education. «Mastergrad» will become the largest children’s entertainment center of a new format in St. Petersburg.  And thanks to the amount of investments, the project will be one of the best in Europe. So, I’m sure that the new center will be very popular among visitors of TRK PITERLAND.

In Russia, such children’s thematic parks are not provided, (except a few small projects), but widely distributed throughout the world. The difference between parks, been working on GK «Espro» - more profound immersion of children in the world of professions: visiting the base class, the child can require additional training of liked specialty at the master class and eventually attend courses of professional orientation. Education and entertainment programs are being developed in collaboration with relevant educational institutions. Special attention is paid to the stylistic design of the park: it is a modern Russian City, the architectural appearance of which was formed in the XIX century.

Ivan Potekhin, CEO of GK «Espro» told about the nearest realization plans of children’s thematic park: «An important feature of the project is  collaboration with the trustees (the sponsors), of the future City. To the project involved famous international and Russian companies, which can take part in the life of the City, including the development of programs for workshops, instilling, thus, interest in their brand of future consumers from the young age. At the same time the purpose of our project is much broader – to open the wonderful world of children professions, teach them to co-creation, to keep the traditions of the Russian educating pedagogic school».

Information about PITERLAND:

UK PITERLAND was created as part of real estate development activities by the company Stremberg (the customer/ developer / investor) to develop the individual concept of TRK PITERLAND, promotion of the services to the market, marketing support, management, startput and operation of the object.

An efficient team of professionals quickly solve all the challenges, work systematic in all areas of property management and consistent with current tendencies.

Information about GK «Espro:

The group of the companies «Espro» specialized in development, management and subsequent operation of warehouses and office-warehouses complexes A Class. In the current year GK «Espro» celebrated its 15th anniversary.

IGK «Espro» includes companies: «Espro-Development», «Espro-Management» and «Espro-Service». Development of successful technologies on the IT market (companies «Espro Consult» and «Espro Digital») is a separate line of business.
Project portfolio of GK «Espro» for today has about 450 000 sq m of warehouses, industrial and office premises
Realized projects by the Company: office and warehouse complex and business center on 8 Marta street (Moscow), office and warehouse complex «Uzhniy» (Moscow), warehouse complex «Baltia» (Moscow region), the logistic park «Istra» (Istra, Moscow region), the industrial park «Vostochny» (Noginsk, Moscow region), office and warehouse complex «Kulon-Pulkovo» (St. Petersburg), office and warehouse complex «Kulon Ygros» (Mineralnie Vodi).

At the moment GK «Espro» implements the first built-to-suit project in Russia – the industrial park «A-Park» in Kaluga, where already two factory buildings for the companies supplier automotive components of the Volkswagen’s factory were put into operation. The company has also started to work on the other built-to-suit project «B-Park» on the territory of the industrial park «Rosva» in the Kaluga region.  
The success of the GK «Espro» confirmed by five «Golden Bricks» on professional awards in the field of the commercial real estate «Commercial Real Estate Awards».
You can get more information about company’s activities on the web-site:

Information about the company Jones Lang LaSalle
Jones Lang LaSalle (NYSE: JLL) - a company providing financial and professional services in real estate. Having an expert teams all over the world the company offers an integrated services to owners, tenants and investors, seeking increased value of their assets in real estate. The company's turnover in 2010 amounted to more than 2.9 billion U.S. dollars.

Jones Lang LaSalle has  more than 180 offices worldwide operating in more than 750 cities in 60 countries. Jones Lang LaSalle is an industry leader in the management field of corporate real estate - a portfolio consist of  almost 167 million sqm around the world.

LaSalle Investment Management, the investment management division, is one of the largest and most diverse in the world of assets under management worth more than $ 41 billion.

In Russia and CIS countries, Jones Lang LaSalle represented by offices in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Kiev. In 2004, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011, the company was honored with the award "Consultant of the Year" by Commercial Real Estate Awards, Moscow and prizes "Consultant of the Year" by Commercial Real Estate Awards, St. Petersburg in 2009.

For more information about the company can be found on the site.